Caring for your jewellery

1. Avoid contact with water.  This is proven to affect the appearance of metal, stones, crystals and pearls.  Water can wear plating and cause discolouration or tarnishing. Always remove rings or bracelets if you  wash your hands. Do not wear *FRD  costume jewellery when you shower or swim, again this will cause a discoluration or tarnishing.

2. *FRD costume  jewellery should be carefully stored in their individual gift box to avoid scratching and damage. Keep *FRD costume jewellery away from direct sunlight. If you prefer to keep all your costume jewellery in one  box, try to place them in individual compartments, this will reduce the chance of tangling and knotting.

3. To keep any *FRD jewellery that has crystals in the design sparkling, simply wipe very gently with a slightly damp cloth.

4.  Always put your perfume, cosmetics and body lotion on before wearing *FRD jewellery.  Ensure your skin is thoroughly dry to the touch.  Perfume will coat crystals and pearls causing them to lose their shine or sparkle producing a dull appearance.  Body lotion may affect plating when it comes into contact with the skin.  The same is applicable to sun tan cream.

*FRD Francesca Rossi Designs